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Listen while you read:

I want to live in Tanjil Bren,

I’d flit among the coy blue wren,

Birds and butterflies would abound,

And I’d feel at peace in my hometown.


I want to live in Claire de Lune,

But if I can’t then Ruby will do,

Quaint little towns with pretty girl’s names,

I’d sigh from my cottage’s window pane.


I want to live inside the Ada Tree,

Where I’d take my lover and we’d become three,

My sons would grow up big and strong,

And build a treehouse where we could belong.


I want to live where my family do,

The women drink tea, knit, share the news,

We’d take each other a cup of flour,

And tell fireside stories at children’s hour.


I want to live where my children are,

But I’d need lots of money and a big fancy car,

We’d go to the opera and the theatre often,

My grandchildren would frolick, my heart would soften.


I want to live in an old caravan,

I’d travel around without a care or a plan,

Making new friends on a whim and a fancy,

We’d travel the world in my van, me and Nancy (or Clancy :).


I want to live everywhere, the world is my home,

I’d travel through countries and make them my own,

I’m not saying it’s wrong to settle down,

But the world is my oyster, this land my hometown.


I want to be laid in the Strzelecki Ranges,

Where there’s a beautiful view all through the ages,

My soul won’t be restless or fickle anymore,

Preferring the open road to a life where it’s bored.


I want to be remembered as a writer and bard,

Worldly riches and contracts seemed too hard,

You’ll hear my words when you look to the South/East,

Souls live forever through words told to people you meet.


I want you to know that I loved deep and wide,

But my first love was writing, expressing all from inside,

I wouldn’t have traded a moment with you,

So for now, goodbye, au revoir and I bid you adieu.



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