The Ada Tree:

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I took my love to the Ada Tree, the Ada Tree,
Where we could be alone, him and me,
I would tell of my dreams and two would become three.

This was my chance – his dazzling smile had stolen my heart,
At the Ada Tree; one last shot at romance,
So much had passed between us that meant so much to me.

But … at the Ada Tree,
And with much sorrow, I began to see.
“My heart belongs to her forever,” said he,
As he pulled his hand from mine: at the Ada Tree,
(where two was supposed to become three),
Our paths unentwined.

Push him off this summit;
P’haps my anger would subside, at the Ada Tree,
– He’s no-ones if not mine.
Curse him to Kingdom come with all my witch’s might,
At the Ada Tree,
Where he left me and day turned to night.

The view from here takes your breath away,
I remember it still:
Sweet Ada Tree,
Where being became numb,
Eyes blind and I grieved a broken will.


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