The Dead & Last Century’s Promise:

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…Only emotionally stunted people with no self-awareness and no self-esteem save and rescue people and I didn’t just have three years of therapy and quiet contemplation to fall back into old habits.

Yet, here I am throwing a life buoy into your ocean of grief and reeling you in with a fishing line tied to an icy pole stick. Or is it you reeling me in as a way to get what you want from me? Do I know you as well as I thought at first?

And I know I represent that awful truth; love and loving only ever leads to mourning and loss so you want to push me away but I remember the promise we made to one another back in the ’80’s and not wishing to intrude on your grief, I stole a kiss anyway.


This song compliments of James Joyce’s short story and movie The Dead and the movie about his life Nora.

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