The 9th Wave:

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I thought of you again today my love,

When I stood on the beach and watched the inverted pyramid of vertical column clouds heading straight out toward the horizon as far as the eye could see. And behind me, the sky was painted with twenty mermaids lying on their backs with their tails curled up like sleepy Z’s. I thought of you and I wrote this:

One day our realities will collide,

At the place where the two waves meet;

Beyond this life and death,

Wait for the 9th wave, my love,

The light and love will carry us home together,

I’ll watch for you, I’ll wait for you, I’ll see you there,

My beloved, lunar, mer-creature,

I know you can’t be mine now,

But at the 9th wave, you will be,

And while I wait, I dive back down…




Written 2nd April, 2018



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