It’s full moon ag’in

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Please listen while you read

She knows I’m watchin’ her,

An’ what I’m thinkin’ ’bout;

The goodbyes I had to say.

An’ I hate how ev’rywhere I go,

Ev’ryone I’m introduced to,

Ev’ry book I read,

Ev’ry sign I see,

Ev’ry show I watch,

Ev’ry C.D. I listen to,

Ev’ry game I play,

Ev’ry stranger’s voice I hear,

Ev’ry park bench I sit on,

… has his name.

So I sit in silence on my own,

An’ let her watch me.

amoongif (1)


Written 16th December, 2016. Revised 20th February, 2018


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