Another magazine article quoting my website posts…

This article made me chuckle because Barry Dorr has the audacity to say that it’s only a few authors that are unhappy and that authors have a real chance at sharing in the profit by signing with Jojo. What a load of rubbish! There are 250 authors out there and as far as I am concerned none of them have been paid or “shared in profits.” There are at least 50 authors that invested between $10,000 – $40,000 of their own money and to add further insult to injury, just today after authors have placed calls directly to the Asian printers it has come to light that only 1300-1400 books were printed instead of the promised 3,000. So what were we forking all of that money out for again?! Oh that’s right, to fund Jojo’s overseas trips.

Finally, some media attention for my books…

This article was published today in an online magazine called Bookseller & Publisher. It’s a shame it had to come in the wake of so much devastation for so many people (it’s not just the authors suffering, it’s also their families, friends and readers). It’s also come to our attention this week that Barry Dorr has been setting companies up, scamming people and liquidating since the ’80’s. The events of the past few weeks have left me speechless…

Wouldn’t you just know it!!

My publisher has gone into liquidation right when I was about to go to mediation at the Small Business Commission to finally get the royalties they owe me! Damn!


Breaking news …

My Solicitor is going to have the contract with my Publisher rescinded, since they broke it within six months of publication of the first book. That means that all profits from my books will come directly to me from now on. Yay!


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How is my Publisher going to explain this… ?

Preview of program set to go to air tomorrow, Sunday 13th September, 8.05 am on ABC Radio National

For those of you who are aware, I am currently involved in legal action against my Publisher Jojo. Here is an example of what’s going on: they have charged 250 authors $2,000 each for air fares to the Frankfurt Book Fair which adds up to $500.000 and apparently they didn’t even attend.

Later: or download the podcast at ABC Radio National Background Briefing.

More Snapshots of my life:


The needlework that I saw at NGV almost made me wish I did that for a vocation instead of being a writer :)
Just so much detail…

A Poetic Journey – Let us hurry to love people

It’s so lovely to go to a Poetry afternoon and have the entertainers recognise you and ask if you would like a photo for your blog. A Poetic Journey by Exit Theatre and John Wood 🙂

Feeling a bit chuffed :)

I just googled my name (I do it when I get bored) and realised that my books can be bought in ten countries now around the world:

Sweden, U.K., Slovenia, Estonia, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Lithuania, Denmark, Malaysia.

It can also be borrowed from the Essex County Library in Canada 🙂

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A WRITER’S DAY Journal entry; 30th October ’08

I found this journal entry yesterday, it was the last one I wrote right before I began to write my first book that was published, Oracle In The Mist:

I write my morning pages (Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way)

and then .  .  . I stare at the blank page and wait for the words to flow.

I think about my problems, my diseases, my loves – some real some imagined.

The fridge calls me again. I rummage through it trying to find chocolate anything.

But the good stuff is gone. It may have been me but I’m never quite sure.

Outside the sun and blue skies are beckoning to me. I daydream from my window.

I consider going for a walk but I know I can’t because I’m chained to this damned desk.

I consider ringing someone but I don’t; everyone is busy at their work. I have no news.

I think about my friends who have real jobs; they get to be with actual people and earn money.

They flit off on holidays and buy luxuries that I just can’t afford. Will that be me one day?

If I could have even a little recognition and money for my writing . . . if only I could.

Again with the daydreams!  I sweep the floor, water the plants, put the dog out.

And then it’s back to the daunting blank page. I think about the eight years I’ve been sitting here,

And with the customary pang of guilt for my hard working husband and his confidence in me.

I think about how lonely I am and right then my youngest child bursts into the room.

Sweet relief !  She wants to share her day with me and I’m glad to get away from this desk.



I dozed off in the lounge chair while keeping her company this afternoon and had the strangest dream about a book I’d written called “Oracle in the Mist.”

Image courtesy of Laurie Turtenwald

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