Thank you to Sat Biswas who spoke so highly of me on our social media network, Google Plus:

” Thank you to Adrienne Joleigh for her scuba diving skills that today I am able to present to you a lovely, salty ‘n spicy catch in Linda Maree Malcolm. She is absolutely brilliant as a fish (her writing is testimony to the fact) and as a first fish in the world to innovate a saucy word . . .“Litmance”. . . now you want to know what’s that and then knuckle your lazy fingers and hit her profile . . . I bet you would find her (of course her) amazing! Now don’t doodle for long as her words would start to cast spells on you! And I bet you’ll never recover 🙂 🙂 So guys, hit her profile (not her of course) and enjoy the words that are being weaved over there! If you don’t find much . . . order Yo Chef! She will create Litmance.”

It's true, I like to go deep.
It’s true, I like to go deep.