Another magazine article quoting my website posts…

This article made me chuckle because Barry Dorr has the audacity to say that it’s only a few authors that are unhappy and that authors have a real chance at sharing in the profit by signing with Jojo. What a load of rubbish! There are 250 authors out there and as far as I am concerned none of them have been paid or “shared in profits.” There are at least 50 authors that invested between $10,000 – $40,000 of their own money and to add further insult to injury, just today after authors have placed calls directly to the Asian printers it has come to light that only 1300-1400 books were printed instead of the promised 3,000. So what were we forking all of that money out for again?! Oh that’s right, to fund Jojo’s overseas trips.

Finally, some media attention for my books…

This article was published today in an online magazine called Bookseller & Publisher. It’s a shame it had to come in the wake of so much devastation for so many people (it’s not just the authors suffering, it’s also their families, friends and readers). It’s also come to our attention this week that Barry Dorr has been setting companies up, scamming people and liquidating since the ’80’s. The events of the past few weeks have left me speechless…

A Poetic Journey – Let us hurry to love people

It’s so lovely to go to a Poetry afternoon and have the entertainers recognise you and ask if you would like a photo for your blog. A Poetic Journey by Exit Theatre and John Wood 🙂


Thank you to Sat Biswas who spoke so highly of me on our social media network, Google Plus:

” Thank you to Adrienne Joleigh for her scuba diving skills that today I am able to present to you a lovely, salty ‘n spicy catch in Linda Maree Malcolm. She is absolutely brilliant as a fish (her writing is testimony to the fact) and as a first fish in the world to innovate a saucy word . . .“Litmance”. . . now you want to know what’s that and then knuckle your lazy fingers and hit her profile . . . I bet you would find her (of course her) amazing! Now don’t doodle for long as her words would start to cast spells on you! And I bet you’ll never recover 🙂 🙂 So guys, hit her profile (not her of course) and enjoy the words that are being weaved over there! If you don’t find much . . . order Yo Chef! She will create Litmance.”

It's true, I like to go deep.
It’s true, I like to go deep.


What do we love about the good old U.S. of A?

Ok, here’s just a few things off the top of my head but feel free to add your own:

    1. this is the first thing I always say when this conversation comes up – the folk music, USA totally owns that.
    2. the soul and blues music from down South – my husband is a musican and has brainwashed me eg: Dooby Brothers.
    3. the film industry; let’s face it, some of the  Australian and English films seem positively primitive compared to what comes out of Hollywood but I still support my own industry as well.
    4. the stories from the Prairie and Pioneer/Settler days, wow, I can’t even start to think how I have been influenced by those reads.
    5. and here’s the best one yet: we talk about this a lot here in Oz, if the world ever goes to war again we know USA has got our back and that feels very comforting and reassurring to think about.
    6. The USA is and always has been very supportive of me, my blog and now my website and I am grateful for that 🙂 (yes, more than the UK!!)


Now I remember why I love social media networks:

I recently went ahead and added a whole load of complete strangers to my networks and now they have become much more interesting – more feedback, more of other’s work to look at, more comments about my work and also an invitation to a Literary Group that has taken an interest in my work, thanks Chaunce Stanton it was lovely to be told that my work has a “great sense of humour but also conveys strong, rich, poetic, sense, experience, tendancies.

pretty woman and I really like this picture.