What do we love about the good old U.S. of A?

Ok, here’s just a few things off the top of my head but feel free to add your own:

    1. this is the first thing I always say when this conversation comes up – the folk music, USA totally owns that.
    2. the soul and blues music from down South – my husband is a musican and has brainwashed me eg: Dooby Brothers.
    3. the film industry; let’s face it, some of the  Australian and English films seem positively primitive compared to what comes out of Hollywood but I still support my own industry as well.
    4. the stories from the Prairie and Pioneer/Settler days, wow, I can’t even start to think how I have been influenced by those reads.
    5. and here’s the best one yet: we talk about this a lot here in Oz, if the world ever goes to war again we know USA has got our back and that feels very comforting and reassurring to think about.
    6. The USA is and always has been very supportive of me, my blog and now my website and I am grateful for that đŸ™‚ (yes, more than the UK!!)