She Sleeps With The Light On…

. . . Just in case,

The night is still,

There’s not a sound,

Except the rumbling of a distant truck,

Which propels her into a memory;

It was of the time when she had her babies,

A marriage bed full of passion, youth & hope,

It was a time long before these lean times.


She sleeps with the light on because . . .

The phone might ring;

The Angel of Death in Her chariot,

Has swept down again, mercilessly and,

In her cruel and twisted way has,

Extracted another of her loved ones.


She sleeps with the light on,

So that the memory of her lost loves,

Doesn’t overwhelm her,

Because they can’t – you know – if you have the light on,

The memory of the contour’s of their bodies,

Their gentle or wild thrusts,

Their whispered indulgences,

All held at bay.


She sleeps with the light on,

To stop the snoring in the empty room,

The footsteps on the hallway boards,

The growling from the ceiling,

The ghosts remain invisible and can’t see you,

Or hurt you with the light on.


She sleeps with the light on,

So that if she wakes with a night terror,

She will instantly see her lovely things around her,

And, after some time,

Gain some comfort and soothe herself back to sleep.


She sleeps with the light on,

Because she doesn’t know what awaits her in the black dimension;

Dreams of babies long gone,

Lovers lost, souls removed from her life by death,

Quick as a flash and still half in slumber,

She can grab her pencil & paper,

And jot down the rhymes – such as this one – as they come to her at 3am.








Friends for life:

There will come a day,

When all of those people who were there for you,

Have gone – fallen by the wayside,

And that’s when you have to make do with you

And just hope like hell that you’re someone who you can tolerate,

Because it’s a long, insufferable life if you don’t like the company of you.

Bathe yourself in self-love, wrap yourself in barbed wire,

Place yourself at the uppermost part of the ivory tower,

And then take your key and unlock your imagination because it will be your companion for life.

girl and lost hatawa kyty3oba


A Fight To The Death:

In my sleep,

I am an Angel fighting the Demonic forces,

I use reason, wisdom, love and patience,

From behind my shield;

Never wishing to do bodily harm.


The sinister laugh reverberates,

Through my entire being,

But I do not wither away for I am full of light;

All encompassing and saturating.


“Be gone, foul-stinking, swamp creature of the night,”

And it shrinks from me without defense,

My light wraps the entire place,

Guarding all who slumber within.


The deed is done,

The battle is fought,

A moment’s peace before I resume.


A creak – what was that?!

I leap from my resting place to check my charges,

One by one, I place the blankets over them,

And kiss their cherubic, sleeping cheeks.


All is well in my house so,

Back to battling demons but,

Before even that,

A silent prayer to whoever is listening,

For the blessing of my children,

For in truth, I am just a mother …

Demon hunter






Fling me please:

Tiny morsels of hope spreading,

Through her entire being,

And Psychics weren’t wrong,

Were they?

Two more weeks,

Only two more weeks of this misery!

And then she would meet him,

The man of her dreams,

And, oh, if only,

She had a dollar for,

Every time she’d believed them!

Where else was hope to come from?

If she could fling herself through time!

But alas, that was how her life had vanished thus far.

she wishes to turn back the hands of time to when he was hers - loving her, making love to her, writing poetry to her mona



aethism and annoyance

Do I have your attention? This is something I’ve been wanting to write about for a long time but I’ve been waiting for my new website. Yes, it’s true, guilty as charged your Honour, I fit all of the labels above and I make no apologies for it. The people in the Pagan/Witch camp think I should fully commit to their side and the people in the Catholic/Christian group can’t understand why I continue with my other beliefs. My opinion about that is, you know what, it’s none of your business and I don’t feel I have to justify myself to anyone – my life, my rules and I would rather go without friends than feel I am being pressured to conform.

It takes a lot to make me angry but this is something that’s been bugging me for a long time. Why do aetheists think it is their moral obligation to force their opinions down the throat of Christians? I mean, I don’t push my views onto them, I don’t even ever enter into conversation with people about religion if I can help it so why do they think I want to hear what they have to say about my lifestyle and beliefs. And it’s never in a kind manner either: it’s as if they are very insecure about their position and have to pull out all kinds of statistics that somehow prove that aetheists are “more intelligent,” or “more evolved,” than Christians.

It’s like breastfeeding mothers telling bottle feeding mothers that “we’re sorry but statistics show that your child will not have adequate brain development and you also will have no chance of bonding with her/him.” A) the breast feeders could be right but then again perhaps they are wrong – statistics are changing all of the time and I’m not convinced that they really prove anything in the end and B) as a compassionate human being I don’t want the bottlefeeding mother to feel bad about herself and worry about things that may not be proven true and the thing is that its just downright rude to treat someone that way, quite nasty really, a form of bullying you might say.

As you can see, I’ve been saving up all of my quotes below and I hope I don’t have to have this conversation again. So please, all of you aetheists out there you are NEVER¬†going to convert me – it’s quite futile – please stop¬†choking up my newsfeed on Facebook with your rantings and just back the hell off!

aethism and superiority

aethist and insecure

aethism and preachy

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aethism and annoyance

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