His eyes bore into hers,

Just for a second,

And in that moment,

She saw his fantasy of her,

– how he wanted her.


But divine retribution,

Always has its way,

And she would not,

Make him a victim,

Of her love;

Just another casualty.


So she released him,

Back to domestication,

Quite like a balloon.



Internet Lovers:

How is it possible,

That everything you say and do,

Makes me fall deeper in love with you?

I see your dark side,

The ghosts of your past,

The cracks in your mask become dried up river beds,

I knew it was too soon for me,

I hadn’t even been thinking about that,

And yet here I am,

Leaping into your arms, catch me!

And for now, anyway, I am yours.

man and heart



Daddy, I’m running on empty…

Is that you, daddy?

Is that you haunting me?

It’s time to say goodbye,

So take your noose and fly.


I’ll blow you a kiss,

But just remember this,

Don’t take it the wrong way,

Don’t make me regret,

Having my say.


Because little girls don’t know,

They just don’t know, daddy,

And I was just a little girl,

After all (I can’t make you happy)!


And because of you,

I can’t fill up,

Not even with the wrong men,

At the wrong time and,

In the wrong place …

girl running on empty since daddys curse


More Snapshots of my life:


The needlework that I saw at NGV almost made me wish I did that for a vocation instead of being a writer :)
Just so much detail…

One of the proudest moments of my life – My Son’s Debutante Ball:




The Highly Creative Person and how to cope with them:

Do you love a highly creative person?

This article gives excellent insight into what it’s like to love an individual like this and how to encourage them to get on with their work 🙂

artists way

Don’t Fence Me In:

She couldn’t be owned,

Freedom was her only desire,

The men came and offered,

Themselves to her,

She dips her toe into the moon,

And then dives in;

The lunacy of her cycle is upon her,

She may want him now,

But she won’t in two weeks.

The roller coaster begins its ascent.

girl and cat



My son’s first love:

I saw it all through his eyes,

How he waited for her,

Nervously, holding his breath,

His first love,

The one who would capture his heart,

How he thought he was “better off dead,”

Than twiddling his thumbs in the shadowlands,

“She will come, my son,

With your name on her heart, my child,

But rest for now, my love,

And let me mother you while we wait for her to beckon…”



She keeps her heart alight…

… (again and again) in the hope she will draw him to her,

Children take flight,

The mirror doesn’t lie,

Even if he was here,

She knows he would always want to be right,

Until she gradually let’s go, she loses the fight.

girl redhead





Colder than the coldest blizzard!

My own little boy,

Inside of me and yet not part of me,

He belongs to her that would run away,

“I’m crying because I miss her,”

He tells me and my heart does a backflip,

“That’s my nightmare: my mum’s gone away,”

He confides in me and my heart cries silent tears,

If ever I do see her again, my coldness will set her teeth chattering!