Snapshots of my life:

We celebrated Tom's birthday back in March.
We celebrated Tom’s birthday back in March.


The Ada Tree:

I took my love to the Ada Tree, the Ada Tree,
Where we could be alone, him and me,
I would tell of my dreams and two would become three.

This was my chance – his dazzling smile had stolen my heart,
At the Ada Tree; one last shot at romance,
So much had passed between us that meant so much to me.

But … at the Ada Tree,
And with much sorrow, I began to see.
“My heart belongs to her forever,” said he,
As he pulled his hand from mine: at the Ada Tree,
(where two was supposed to become three),
 Our paths unentwined.

Push him off this summit;
P’haps my anger would subside, at the Ada Tree,
– He’s no-ones if not mine.
Curse him to Kingdom come with all my witch’s might,
At the Ada Tree,
Where he left me and day turned to night.

The view from here takes your breath away,
I remember it still:
Sweet Ada Tree,
Where being became numb,
Eyes blind and I grieved a broken will.  


The Day You Were Born:

The morning birds drew back the starlit,
Night and we did see a blue sky, shining,
Sun and heard the dawn song of the sky,
Larks as we’d never heard them before,
Life as we knew it was over,
A new life had begun!

The fairies were sent from the magical realm,
To weave a gossamer veil around us and,
Within that veil all time stood still and all
We knew was serenity.
Nothing could harm us.
We had become a family.

Behold! A sleeping cherub from the heavenly,
Angelic land whose skin was,
Soft and warm as eiderdown.
Quiet and graceful babe,
Placed in our arm,
We couldn’t help but marvel at your perfection,
New flowers were invented the day you,
Were born with even prettier names than,
Words had to be created too
Better words than smitten, besotted, enchanted or euphoria.

New fabrics were woven together,
On the day you were born,
That made velvet, lace, satin,
And silk look plain in contrast.
New music was fused together too;
It made music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, & 80’s sound silly.

Or at least, that’s how it seemed to us.
Or was it just that we were noticing flowers,
Words, fabrics and music as if for the
First time.
Just your very existence gave,
Everything a deeper and richer meaning.

How to name such a one as you? 
Is there a name in history that befits
A princess found at the end of a rainbow? 
Madeline Josephine was what was,
Chosen and sent on down through the ether.

Our hidden treasure,
From where you came,
No one knew,
Of this world and yet not,
As sweet smelling as the garden of Eden,
After rain,
From this day forth your beauty would be adored.

Far and wide have you been admired with,
People coming from all over the world,
Grandparents, aunts and uncles quickly,
Making you the apple of their eye from,
The day you were born to this.

But it’s not only the look of you they love.
Sure enough the skin of peaches,
And cream and hair of fresh spun gold,
And honey are enticing enough,
But there’s something more that they see.

A crackling, sparkling light of divinity,
Deep within you that is ever bright and, 
Draws people to you with its warmth just like a star
It enlivens your mind and has,
you on a quest for knowledge at wisdom’s door.

Our Sophia, the priest saw it too. Who 
Is the lucky family to have a daughter such
As this?
Parents aren’t scared of ageing, 
When they have a child such as you, 
The gossamer veil surrounds you at all ages;
18, 21, 35 & 50.

Little girl in ballerina shoes,
Chasing butterflies and putting dollies to bed,
That is how we remember our baby girl.
Becoming independent without complaint 
And blossoming into a young woman is 
Closer to the truth.

Just as we were surprised by your, 
Conception we have been astounded by,
Your self assured confidence, a quality
That will see you go far in life.
You always knew mummy was busy with
The babies and didn’t ask to have the focus.

Helping out whenever you can,
Dependable when the chips are down,
That’s our girl! 
Cooking up a storm too;
If the way to a person’s heart is through their tummies, 
Then you’ve won us over one hundred times.

And when the day comes that you venture,
Out into the world,
We know your husband will be blessed.
You’ll also make a great,
Chef and be a success at everything you, 
Want to do because that’s who you are.

But in the meantime let us say that,
Having you has brought us much comfort,
Joy and cheer, 
We’re proud of who you’ve,
Become and our love for you only increases,
With each passing year.

And please allow us to protect you fiercely.
If a person were to hurt you they would, 
Wither and turn to ashes just by our vengeful glare.
We wish for you to remain,
Our untainted and innocent daughter forever;
Is that okay?

As pure and untarnished as a white dove
In a blanket of snow is your wish to 
Cherish your virginity until your wedding day.
You will be a teenager who is strong,
Determined and resilient.

Don’t change that my love, don’t change.

Our admiration for you only grows.



This Old House:

If these old walls could talk: how many sweet nothings whispered to another?

“I love you, I miss you, come home please,” is what they’d say, the lives of sisters and brothers.

How many parties, celebrations, restless insomniac nights?

How many meals cooked, grandchildren cuddled, filling our lives with delight?


Everyone’s in the middle of expressing a passionate emotion: we were loud,

Everyone’s in the process of the century’s grandest love story; my God we were proud.

Goodbye sweet old house, full of memories of our past,

Although we bid you adieu we remember you – sweetness; haven and home until the last.   house ashif hassan

Domestic Violence:

The cycle of domestic violence is terrifying to live with. You can tell if the person has genuinely changed (and that it’s not just the ‘honeymoon’ or ‘hoover’ phase) because there will be remorse, they will take responsibility for their actions and there will be talk of accountability rather than blaming everything onto the victim.