Remember how I said I was going to start travel writing?

And how I’m interested in meeting people of all kinds so I can interview them for my articles? Well, this weekend I met an incredible couple who have such an amazing story to tell that I think I could write it six – eight different ways and sell it to that many magazines too (at more

The Blue Mountain Torrent:

By Wang Wei (AD 699 – 759) From The Strathvea Music Festival – Musica Poetica;   It is said that those who make for the Yellow Flower River,   Must pursue this mountain stream,   And follow a myriad twists and turns among the hill ravines,   Although as the crow flies the distance is more

We breathe again:

There was once a house that housed many tiny babies, The babies grew up and brought home friends and partners, And then the boarders came and strangers became friends, The house groans every morning as we wait for, The last car to drive out, The last person to click the garden gate, And join the more