Thank you to Sat Biswas who spoke so highly of me on our social media network, Google Plus:

” Thank you to Adrienne Joleigh for her scuba diving skills that today I am able to present to you a lovely, salty ‘n spicy catch in Linda Maree Malcolm. She is absolutely brilliant as a fish (her writing is testimony to the fact) and as a first fish in the world to innovate a saucy word . . .“Litmance”. . . now you want to know what’s that and then knuckle your lazy fingers and hit her profile . . . I bet you would find her (of course her) amazing! Now don’t doodle for long as her words would start to cast spells on you! And I bet you’ll never recover 🙂 🙂 So guys, hit her profile (not her of course) and enjoy the words that are being weaved over there! If you don’t find much . . . order Yo Chef! She will create Litmance.”

It's true, I like to go deep.
It’s true, I like to go deep.



As you know I went back to work last week and while I was staring out of the tearoom window from the shop it occurred to me that we have this lovely view that we just take for granted – it’s a wild and tangled mess, a footprint of Mother Nature, and all of the little purple wildflowers were sitting up and smiling at me. Then on the weekend I took myself off for a long walk at Badger Weir: the creek was flowing so fast and full that it had broken the banks in places and – drumroll please – I was lucky enough to hear the beautiful repertoire of a lyrebird (they have many bird calls stolen from other bird types) and caught a glimpse of it before it scurried away into the forest (no photo, sorry).







I give a piece of myself and he doesn’t acknowledge it or even hear me.

I give a piece of my time, as my fingers type the letter, but he doesn’t want to see it.

I give a piece of my heart – again – and there’s no turning back now, but I have to.

I go to pieces over him again and again and again,

And then I pick up my pieces and wait to hear from him.


What do we love about the good old U.S. of A?

Ok, here’s just a few things off the top of my head but feel free to add your own:

    1. this is the first thing I always say when this conversation comes up – the folk music, USA totally owns that.
    2. the soul and blues music from down South – my husband is a musican and has brainwashed me eg: Dooby Brothers.
    3. the film industry; let’s face it, some of the  Australian and English films seem positively primitive compared to what comes out of Hollywood but I still support my own industry as well.
    4. the stories from the Prairie and Pioneer/Settler days, wow, I can’t even start to think how I have been influenced by those reads.
    5. and here’s the best one yet: we talk about this a lot here in Oz, if the world ever goes to war again we know USA has got our back and that feels very comforting and reassurring to think about.
    6. The USA is and always has been very supportive of me, my blog and now my website and I am grateful for that 🙂 (yes, more than the UK!!)


Now I remember why I love social media networks:

I recently went ahead and added a whole load of complete strangers to my networks and now they have become much more interesting – more feedback, more of other’s work to look at, more comments about my work and also an invitation to a Literary Group that has taken an interest in my work, thanks Chaunce Stanton it was lovely to be told that my work has a “great sense of humour but also conveys strong, rich, poetic, sense, experience, tendancies.

pretty woman and I really like this picture.


I know I don’t have the right to whinge, some people didn’t even wake up today, but honestly, why does it all have to hit at once? It makes if very difficult to stay positive:

  1. Before I had opened my eyes and before my ritual two cups of tea one of my children called in a favour for the third time this week. I used certain expletives that I immediately regretted instead of just saying no.
  2. I noticed that my left earlobe and fingers had turned a purplish/pink colour and immediately thought of that disease where bits of the body wither and die – leprosy. I decided to keep watch instead of panicking instantly.
  3. My child had decided that they have a life threatening illness (not sure where that hypochondria comes from) and had threatened drastic action if I didn’t take them back to the doctors for more tests.
  4. My other child who is actually quite ill (they resemble a zombie from Walking Dead) and couldn’t get out of bed refused to see the doctor!
  5. Because there was no internet connection I decided to write a business email and then just send it later when the connection came back. It was a full page email and just as I was about to sign off my computer shut down to do an ‘update.’ At this point the laptop was almost thrown out of the window. Luckily, 10 minutes later when I could switch it back on the email had mostly been saved.
  6. Finally the internet came back on but all of my social media networks and emails had locked me out and demanded usernames and passwords to get access. I was scrabbling around in the dark searching through my many scraps of paper next to my bed, next to my chair,in my drawer, on my desk – there are just too many of them to remember, they have all been put onto scraps of paper and one day, when I have the time. they will be collated.
  7. I had a 3 hour trip of errands I had to run that day and dearly wished I had an assistant to help me. On my travels I noticed lots of digits everywhere 0’s 1’s 2’s 3’s 4’s 5’s 6’s 7’s 8’s 9’s which was very alarming – this basically means I am screwed.
  8. I had also drawn the Tower card this morning which also basically means I am screwed so I ate chocolate for lunch and started to feel a little better and then, the sun came out and I realised that getting out of the house had actually been the best thing for me, it helped to clear out the cobwebs, I began to see the humour in everything and I came home with a much more positive state of mind (the chocolate certainly helped too!)
  9. shining



He wrote one sentence using 13 words and two ellipses’s and she fell deeply and horrifyingly in love:

“I know what you mean . . . it’s not just you . . . this connection between us.”

She thought that meant that she could show him her poetry, could speak to him about her feelings for him. She had never been more mistaken .


Written by LM Malcolm

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